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Hakkasan Autumn tree install at Sake no


The turning of the leaves, in Japan is called koyo or momiji (meaning red leaf). The activity of searching for the most striking shades of leaf is known as Momigari (red leaf hunting) It has been popular in Japan for centuries and is now also a major draw for tourists. Sake no Hana and Hakkasan commissioned The Edit to design a creative event install. This was to be outside the restaurant to celebrate this natural phenomenon.

Our design featured a canopy of trees and leaves created with a variety of different shapes and styles. The natural landscape of trees in Japan creates an overlapping array of colours and shapes. We also wanted to represent this in the design.

Hakkasan Autumn tree install at Sake no
Hakkasan Autumn tree install at Sake no


Each window had its own style and personality appealing to different moments of the autumn transition. Over the entrances and windows the colours also created an overall spectrum. This ranged from green through yellow, orange, pink to red. The overall impression is of an autumnal forest of trees changing with the season.The designs celebrate the different stages of autumn and the developing colour within autumn forests leaves. It’s as if each tree is a moment frozen in time.

"Everyone was stopping and staring this morning.
It’s just amazing, you are genius thank you"


Autumn creative install at Sake no Hana

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