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The consultancy side of the business is primarily lead by Sarah due to her experience within the events industry. She says: ‘ To be able to offer event consultancy and event lead solutions to businesses, brands, venues, suppliers and agencies is just so exciting and a side of the business that I adore. Having being promoted to Managing Director at the age of 26 I had to learn about the world of business quickly. Add into the mix that I love people, developing and nurturing talent, delivering excellent customer service, am hugely competitive when it comes to targets and you get a good blend to develop and build businesses. My first MD role saw me grow MASK to deliver a 25% increase on PBT year on year and double the team. Launching Story was a challenging yet exhilarating experience and allowed me to understand how to grow a business quickly, develop a client base from scratch and to ensure that overheads are always as lean as possible without impacting delivery standards. Story grew from £0 to £3million turnover in just 3 years with a team growing from 5 to 23 to support sales. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with starting businesses, growing them, handpicking a team and ultimately perfecting the process to ensure they’re profitable. I get events – I understand the DNA of events, how they work and what makes people tick and applying that with my learned skills is a powerful combination.’

The Edit offers a range of consultancy which is by no means limited to the following but the below are our most requested services:


VENUE CONSULTANCY: The venue consultancy sees us advising venues on how best to sell their spaces to agencies and corporates. From competitive pricing through to enticing proposals we can develop the sales side of the business. We often evaluate the website and how this appears to clients, we work with you to spend your marketing budget effectively and we design promotional events that will have true impact. Beyond this we can train teams, recruit and set processes in place to allow for a smooth sales and delivery process. In a crowded market place we enjoy working with venues to ensure they stand out.


AGENCY CONSULTANCY: London hosts a variety of event agencies all sitting within a certain area of the events arena. Quite often these agencies start with just one or sometimes two people and grow organically. Quite often they plateau with a fairly small team. There’s nothing wrong with a small team, in fact it’s quite wonderful to work within an intimate group of like minded people where your voice is heard and your opinion counts. The Agency Edit works with agencies that want to grow, from modest to ambitious targets and who struggle to see how to do so due to the fact that so often most directors are heavily involved in the day to day agency life. The Edit consults on how to grow the business, refine processes to allow for overhead savings, expansions and growth, how to develop the team to ensure they are working to the highest efficiency possible and delivering events that make it impossible for clients not to return continually. Importantly we also look at how to be effectively proactive to expand into new areas or to develop your existing client base. The Edit will work closely with you to create a comprehensive business plan to meet targets and we suggest an ongoing consultancy is most effective so that results can be monitored against set goals.


SALES & PITCHING CONSULTANCY: A true sales person sells without selling – before you realise you’re being sold to, you’ve bought. Sales are at the forefront of all agencies, venues and suppliers and it’s key that your team know how to sell effectively. Events is a world that sees little to no training – the people within it have a passion for the industry and learn on the job. Whilst learning on the go is highly effective, sales is an art that involves personality, flair, honesty and process. The Edit will guide your team through the key fundamentals of sales from a ‘human’ perspective – less formula, more instinct. Sales is a passion of ours, as is account management and we can develop this passion within your team.


COPYWRITING: So often a good concept is sold on paper but it’s key to make that idea jump off the page and really impress the reader. Copywriting is a service we offer with everything from websites, press releases, proposal text, marketing content and social media posts being included.


LECTURING: I lecture annually at Bournemouth University on the Event Management course which sees around 120 students gain an insight into the industry, my business and the internship. I also lecture at Oxford Brookes University and am a mentor on their Mentoring Scheme. For any lecturing enquiries please do get in touch.


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