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Adventure travel. Edited.

Exodus Edits travel brand launch party i


Exodus Edits were launching the new brand to the press and asked The Edit to design the experience for guests and to focus on the brand launch styling. The brand focusses on designing experiences for young professionals looking to explore the world without having to take too much annual leave.


The brand is fun, exciting and adventurous and the event was designed to communicate this ethos. We set about designing an engaging event for guests to explore.





Exodus Edits travel launch event in Cent
Exodus Edits Travel Press Launch Party i


The brand launch styling was centered around four of the key tours. These countries were Mexico, Italy, Iceland and Jordan. We designed each room to feature one of the countries. The food was designed to be a fit with the country also. Guests were encouraged to collect postcards from each country which were stamped as they 'visited'. They were later entered into a prize draw to win one of the Edits trips.


The styling for each country covered the lighting, sound and decor of each space. Italy had a warm sunshine glow whilst Iceland felt cool and exciting with a Northern Lights projection. Mexico was a flurry of colour. Jordan was designed to mimic one of the incredible hotels on the tour, the UFO hotel where you sleep under the star in the heart of the Wadi Rum desert.


We designed a menu for each 'country' which was in keeping with the country itself. For instance, the Mexico room saw a 'Build your own nachos' station. Iceland featured amazing fish and ice cold shots served in frozen glasses. The 'Tacos and Tequila' where guests had a mini tequila cocktail served alongside their taco, were very popular.


Similarly, we also styled the trays the food was served on. The dishes from Jordan were served on ornate gold trays with intricate cutouts. The Icelandic fish dishes were served on heavy slates of cut stone.
In addition, each room also had a bespoke designed cocktail to fit the theme. Again these were served in glassware or vessels that suited the 'country' they were being served within.



Exodus Edits product launch tacos and te
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