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We know that we're ridiculously lucky to work in events - it's the best job in the world - crazy and mad but so exciting, fun and creative. Whenever any of us tell people that we're event managers we get a barrage of questions - 'What's it really like?' 'Tell me about the best event you've ever done' and one of our most asked questions is about 'how to get into events' SO HOW DO YOU GET INTO EVENTS? Honestly there's not one simple answer to this question which is why we put together our top tips here. These aren't hard and fast but it's certainly a collection of things that we think about when recruiting so we hope they help.  

GETTING EVENT EXPERIENCE It sounds obvious but it's all about experience. And we're afraid that doesn't stop at organising family gatherings or your wedding. Experience with an established event company, venue or event supplier is what we want to see on your CV. Tell us what you did, what you worked on and what you enjoyed. If you'd like to join us for work experience, just ask.  ​

HARD WORK​​ Being an event manager is a seriously hard job. Everyone thinks it's champagne and canapés and we're not going to lie, there is a lot of that. But there's a lot more hard work. Think 12 hour days in the office on a busy day and being on site until the last guest leaves and then starting the pack down. We don't get to bed before 3am in December and that's because we're working not partying. Make sure you're ready for the hard work.  ​

PERSONALISE YOUR CV​​ We get a lot of CVs and so it's important to stand out. Why do you want to work at The Edit, what appeals to you about us? To be fair you may be sending your CV to a hundred event companies but at least make it sound as if you're not! Emails addressed to different agencies, or worst an email to all so we can see everywhere you've applied, wont get far with us.

TELL US WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT EVENT PLANNING We want to know what you love about this crazy industry, what makes you tick and what you're like.  ​

TALK LIKE A REAL PERSON It sounds silly but don't feel you need to talk like you're writing a CV or cover letter. Just talk like yourself as that's who we're employing. Show us what makes you interesting and why we should meet you.

GET SOCIAL So many jobs are advertised on Instagram these days so make sure you're following your favourite event companies on Instagram as this is where you'll see the latest openings. Also we will look at your social media feeds so perhaps delete those drunk pictures before applying.  ​

OUR TOP TIPS FOR GETTING A JOB IN EVENTS There's a lot of competition when it comes to getting a job in events and it's because it is the best job in the world. Don't give up - you'll get there eventually. Build up that experience and keep going. Follow everyone you admire within the industry on Instagram, comment on their photos, like them and get noticed. A familiar name goes a lot further. ​


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