Creative teambuilding idea for a fast pa

Save the World 

A Competitive Team Activity

After a full day conference, The Edit were asked to design a non-cheesy team building activity. The aim was to engage all guests after a day of learning. The brief was clear. It needed high energy, tricky tasks and plot twists along the way. The audience were young, fun and needed something fast paced and competitive. It was important that the event sat outside of the typical expectations of team building. 

The Event Concept 

On a Friday night in central London these teams had been framed for an art heist, a side-plot to keep them locked-up during a world wipe-out. The clock was ticking with under an hour to escape before the police arrived. During the time in which the accused had been isolated, an evil virus to destroy the world was released. It was their job to crack open the boxes containing the antidote and then escape the room to save the world, all before the time was up.

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