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Destination wedding in the rural Spanish


We were excited to pack our bags and head off to the Sierra Nevada for a wedding nestled within the mountains. The setting was very unique, a small village perched on the cliff edge which is where the pre-wedding party took place. The church for the ceremony the following day was at the heart of the village. Following the ceremony guests walked along the scenic mountain path to the tropical gardens for the reception and dancing. 

Destination wedding in the rural Spanish
Destination wedding in the rural Spanish


At the reception, guests were greeted with champagne and canapés as they mingled around the saltwater pool. Dinner was called and all 100 guests sat between two long tables under a billowing canopy. Flowers and foliage streamed down the centre of the table with hundreds of tealights, candles and stem vases nestled within. Log slices became the perfect rustic stands for the wedding feast which was served tapas style. 

Each napkin was adorned with local flowers and foliage  picked that morning whilst all the name cards were scribed by the bride as a personal touch. 


The wedding meal was specifically designed to reflect the surroundings and perfectly fit the tastes of the couple. The walk from the church to the venue was very special. with incredible views. the winding path ran alongside a stream, cut through rocks over a flowing stream complete with stepping stones and finally twisted until the reception gardens were revealed.  At each turn there were little treats - first flip flops to replace heels, then a Spanish Cava station serving mini bottles and then canapés hanging from the rustic pathway edges. The setaed dinner followed a traditional Spanish tapas format with flowing food and numerous courses. The food was picked to match the couples loves - fresh, bright, light and delicious. To mimic the garden surroundings the desserts were edible gardens complete with chocolate stones and marshmallow mushrooms.  

Destination wedding in the rural Spanish

"The format was perfect

and achieved everything we wanted - a relaxed

and fun weekend where everyone really got to know each other."

A wedding in rural Spain

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