Collection by WSH Company Launch Party i


The Edit were thrilled to design a launch party that you would not want to miss. The main focus was to highlight the venues represented by The Collection. Also the types of spaces the agency has to offer to key clients and venue bookers in London needed to be communicated. To encourage a high attendance, a hard-copy invitation was designed. This included a small key. The key gave guests the chance of unlocking a winning box at the event containing exciting prizes. There was also a strong focus on event styling throughout the event. 

The Collection Events brand event launch


Cool cube frames were hung illustrating the best shots of the venues within The Collection. Guests could then explore and learn about the portfolio. To highlight the range of venue styles, fabric strips were stretched from the ceilings of Stephen St. Kitchen featuring bold lettering such as 'quirky', 'cool', 'historical'. As guests arrived, they were guided downstairs to watch a short film introduced by the managing director, Ria Thomas, that provided a fun overview of The Collection and their team. Benugo, also a part of the WSH family, catered for 150 guests as well as Clerkenwell Green creating a stunning themed dessert station.

The Collection brand launch