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Thomas Sabo AW19 jewellery launch of the


Thomas Sabo set about to find a creative event management company to transform a venue into a magical space to launch their AW19 jewellery collections The style of the ranges followed a magical, organic, astrology inspired concept. The colour ranges were dark blues, deep purples, gold and flashes of metallic.  In line with the colours and style of the range, we suggested creating a magical, organic, forest to house the collections. The entrance we created was dramatic, perfect for increasing social engagement from the moment guests arrived. The jewellery would also be given pride of place on the upper level of the venue and lit well to showcase the detail and intricacy of the collection.  

Thomas Sabo AW19 Jewellery Press Launch
Thomas Sabo AW19 Jewellery Press Launch


To highlight the astrology and magical nature of the range, the venue was lit with shards of light. The overall colours followed those of the collection, with highlights picked out in the ceiling with pattern gobos and reflecting shards of light. Within the foliage, pinprick lights were also strung to create a shimmering, ethereal effect. In addition the venue was filled with candles and cloches filled with LED lights. The ceiling was also filled with overflowing foliage and lighting. 


Within the space the entertainment was key. The event was designed for bloggers, press, influencers and clients. The popular DJ, sat behind a silver shimmering DJ booth, played a modern and current set. The star act, a shimmering hand balance act, performed on top of a giant glitter ball. The ball was also lit to create refracted light around the whole space. Furthermore, when coupled with the dramatic music this act had incredible impact. An astrology themed, shimmering sweet stall was very popular with guests who feasted on the sparkling treats. Finally, guests could additionally fit in with the theme by having glitter applied by our trained artists and having a bespoke Thomas Sabo bracelet made. 

Thomas Sabo AW19 Jewellery Press Launch

''From the moment the team was briefed in, we instantly wanted to work with them!

They created the perfect magical kingdom for us. 

The team is efficient, vigilant and so talented!''



Thomas Sabo AW19 product launch

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