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Trek America product launch event in Cen
Trek America Press and PR event for the


Trek America had recently launched a new, exciting virtual reality experience. The experience transported travellers to incredible National Parks in America. This also then highlighted their recent tour packages to these phenomenal spaces. In order to showcase this a blogger and influencer event was hosted. The Edit were engaged to design the product launch styling and management.


An exciting and fun check in moment was created. A passport registration desk along with Trek Airways crew, greeted guests as they entered the space. The crew took a polaroid picture of each guest against the Trek America backdrop. This was then printed and converted into their own personalised passport. Guests could then start their travel journey. 

Trek America Press and PR event for the
Trek America Press and PR event for the
Trek America Press and PR event for the

"The buzz following the event has been incredible."


Trek America travel launch


An important part of the brief was to communicate Trek’s fun and quirky business nature. The atmosphere was to be very much a relaxed American vibe. The venue had to reflect this too. The space was themed to create an ‘Outback Bar’ feel, with American memorabilia in every corner. Trek America tour shots were dotted around the venue. The frames showcased real trips and the jaw-dropping experiences.

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