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Hakkasan Autumn tree install at Sake no
Creating impact at the Livia's Kitchen p


In London especially, a pop-up shop is an amazing way to showcase your brand to a new audience. whilst strengthening the message to your existing customers. We work closely with brands and businesses to understand what they want to achieve with their pop-up spaces. The products on display, the experience, the branding and the way the space works are all considered and incorporated into our design suggestions.  

We find it works well to have a space that can be transformed for morning or evening events outside of the shop hours. This allows you to maximise the space and engage with customers differently throughout the experience. High impact windows and a shareable experience inside contribute to high levels of engagement. 


From restaurant installs to pop-up shops we are often asked to design spaces that won't disappear after a night. We have worked within venues to create styling for their seasonal runs. We have also installed month long designs outside restaurants with the view to drawing in customers and increasing footfall. 


When designing a space to last longer than a night we design differently. We work with you to understand how the space needs to be used within the time period and if any adaptions will need to be made. Our designs can be moveable and easily adapted. Equally for those outdoors we work carefully to ensure that they will withstand the elements, contact with the public and the length of time they're outside. Safe and secure installs are paramount and this is incorporated into the design from the beginning stages.  

Hakkasan Autumn tree install at Sake no
Mediacom summer festival styling_Bedford


The little touches throughout the evening gave the event the perfect informal feel. We loved designing the fun, colourful signage using wooden palettes. Also the vintage furniture gave the event a grounded and high end feel. Seeing guests faces as they discovered items such as the hidden Pimms bike bar really made us smile. The gardens have a truly special and secret feel to them and the event perfectly highlighted this. An exciting event to design and deliver within an amazing location. We can’t wait to come back for the next event. 

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